Windows 8 32 Bit Best operating system so far - Download Latest Version

Windows 8 32 Bit Best operating system so far

Windows 8


Windows 8 32 Bit Best operating system so far


Overview :

With this beta version of Windows 8, users have the opportunity to test the system running smooth and stable, so that promised to revolutionize the performance style everything, from start to browse the Internet, and even watch multimedia files.

This is more operating systems produced by Microsoft Corp., ambitious at all. Combining all of the interface tablet device, the interface and the traditional desktop, Microsoft is hoping that Windows 8 everyone is happy. But, is this possible? Let’s find out.

Modern interface :

As we have seen in the many versions of the preview, the Windows 8 interface is one of the big changes in the operating system Windows., Shows where each application you install it – in the presence of the new modern interface – in the multi-colored squares on the screen. And works every box as a shortcut to open the program directory or return. Each plate is customizable on demand as a whole, including making you can compile applications together.

New features :


The use of Flash in Windows 8 is a basic updates. By teaming the two companies, Microsoft and Adobe to produce a customized version for the specific case of program Flash, works with Internet Explorer 10. To ensure that the Flash works when you want to work – as in the case of video playback – with no impact on the performance of your PC Thy, or battery life as it happens because of the work without the need. This is particularly important for users of Windows RT who value battery life and performance quality during the movement.



New applications :

We also find a few expansions in the store when we talk about Windows applications contained naturally in the modern interface. Bing added as applications for travel, sports, news, and this, for example. There is also, of course, modern applications exist was announced in conjunction with Windows 8. Some of these include, weather, maps, and financial affairs.

Conclusion :

Microsoft made a lot of welcome changes in Windows 8. Still browsing on a desktop system without complex possibilities of the touch screen , it is characterized by simplicity and smooth modern interface, as is the case for the application of the redesigned completely new , which comes with Windows 8.

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