Virtual DJ is a powerful voice mixer - Download Latest Version

Virtual DJ is a powerful voice mixer

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a powerful voice mixer

” Virtual DJ ” is the entire application for blending musical voice of thy on the desktop , allowing you to dispense with the traditional turntables and replace it with a laptop computer .

It looks like a classic composition of DJs , with the presence of electronic music distributor and two surfaces . Virtual DJ and be accessible to the default operators DJs and beginners alike .

To start, simply open your music library , and drag and drop the files to the surfaces of Virtual DJ . There is a counter to the beats per minute to help you judge transitions between tracks , and helps optical bandwidth to start the music area.

The determination of volume levels and change the sound deep and Loudness are all really easy operations . If you do not want to worry about the transfer of your own, click on the button Auto Mix, and let Virtual DJ does all this work for you. Be careful also that the results will appear automatically mix it phonetically somewhat ! .

You can make music samples and blending musical pieces frequent manner , and add effects , and there is naturally a great feeling when you begin the process of mixing . If you’re a fan of adventure , you have a lot to add to your music tracks with Virtual DJ .

There is support available to record your voice synthesizer , which is a great way to learn, and allow you to analyze the mistakes and your successes with this application. It also means that you can also record audio Mix to your friends! Blending can record music in MP3 format or copy on CD or even broadcast on radio stations over the Internet.Virtual DJ can organize the default to use two cards hydro-acoustic , if you already have it.

In general,  Virtual DJ is a powerful application with a traditional appearance. You can view your mix without having to carry bulky equipment and expensive .

Features :

  • All the possibilities for blending traditional voice
  • Drag and drop effects
  • Mix recording your voice on the MP3 or CD or radio stations online

Free download click here

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