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Viber for Windows

About Viber for Windows:

With Viber for Windows , you can send messages and make calls from any Windows PC or tablet devices or other devices with Viber – Free!

Viber support your contacts , messages and call history with your mobile device , so you can easily transfer calls between your devices .

While the Viber application used on mobile devices for some time , but now you can use it on Windows to chat with friends via messages on this mobile phone application . As you can hold free video conversations on your computer .

The main characteristics of the application Viber:

Viber application for Windows PC is not a standalone application , because it requires actually having a copy of the application Viber installed on your mobile device. After you install the secondary version on your personal computer , your application will automatically call Viber contacts from your address bookmark to the secondary version .

After you install the secondary version . Then you won’t need to adjust anything , and you can initiate a call friends and send messages on the mobile phone application . While the Viber application system and Windows supports video calls , however, that this feature is still in the phase of the experiment.

Also, you can send and receive text messages from your friends and start conversations collective . Note that these messages are synchronized on both mobile and PC .

Easy to use :

The Viber application for Windows system is easy to apply and easy to use . It displays a list of contacts , call log and record conversations . In addition , the application provides some options , such as automatic notifications , it’s useful when you’re not in front of the computer for a long time and don’t want to overlook any messages.

Another option for voice calls over Internet Protocol :

When you use the services of voice calls over Internet Protocol , and the quality of those calls will always depend on what line you are connected data . And if you have a line of communication strong and steady , no worries .

And video chats require a larger capacity for data transfer , and bearing in mind that this feature is still in the phase of the experiment , it may not be your experience with this property at the highest level .


Calls with better sound quality .
Send text, pictures and messages.
Talks masse .
Free calls from your computer .


You must have a copy of the application Viper installed on the mobile phone.

Viber it is a fantastic application to use with your friends .

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