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uTorrent  is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients  for some reasons :

  • it’s fast
  • doesn’t take much space
  • easy to use
  • with high quality

uTorrent  version makes a lot of changes from the Previous version .

Now it’s able to be use more than before , it’s so easy to use and it’s Fully compatible with The uTorrent  web interface .

In addition to the new skin , uTorrent makes you able to play media as you download , rate and comment Torrent files drag and drop the file to share it , and disable the UDP tracker.

uTorrent will be ready to be used After a quick installation process although there are quite a few prompts to install browser add-ons etc And a handy built-in speed test to make sure the initial setup much easier , this program doesn’t take much space from the hard disk which makes you able to have a good amount of Torrent downloading , and still be able to use your computer without any slowing .

The lightness and simplicity uTorrent does not necessarily mean lack of features , but it means that the program has all what you need from any Features you would expect from a full download torrent tool and trusted : Detailed statistics largely supports RSS and close automatically and scheduler for downloads and a lot , . However uTorrent subtracts two advantages: a comprehensive search tool for BitTorrent-ROM player to review your downloads.

And like the other Previous versions , uTorrent version is so easy to use , easy enough for any one (how ever his  Experience ) and it many Settings which could Satisfies most of it’s users and technical lovers , . In addition, the new version contains many clues to use for beginners, which ensures that for every one  make the most of it.

If you’re searching for a reliable, fast and lightweight torrent client, don’t search any longer , Torrent is what you need.

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