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Tango chat via your PC to smartphones



Tango chat via your PC to smartphones

Tango application conversation voice and image allows you to communicate with others via your PC .

It is similar to programs WhatsApp and Skype, but Tango is primarily used on the PC to connect to users of Android and iPhone.

If your friends  have the application Tango on their smart phones with data plans or Wi-Fi  , you can connect with their mobile for free from your computer .

The interface is similar to the PC version of the application completely Phone Tango version , where the surface is similar to the default mobile iPhone. Although this is not what you prefer , you can change the options in this surface .

The use of the application Tango is so easy where you can add phone numbers, and numbers needed to contact them friends and all you have to do is click on the conversation simply .

The quality of sound and image in the application Tango is incredible although it may vary depending on the device and connect. The controls in the Tango application is very simple .

Options allow you to determine how to sort your contacts and set up a web camera and change the surface appearance of Tango and the search for updates. However, you can’t make more allocations otherwise.

With the possibility of voice and image conversation from your computer with your friends on their smartphones , application Tango is a wonderful addition to the world of communication applications .

This app is so perfect for users . Because it allows to chat with voice and video comfortably from their PC . It’s one of the most successful communications applications.

Features :

  • Make video calls to mobile phones
  • Sound quality and superb image
  • Simple and effective

Get your free version now , and سtart chatting and enjoy this wonderful and exclusive application.

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