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SD Maid- Cleaning Tool


Most of the apps you install on your Android use the SD card to store them, along with their data. As long as you use the app these files are very important for its functionality. However, when you uninstall them, most of the times these dependent data files are not deleted from your SD card and they just sit there consuming your storage space which could have been used to save music and video files.The system always creates logs, error reports and files debugging files  that you do not need .

Manual cleaning could be done by mounting the SD card on the computer, however it’s very difficult to find out which files are not necessary and which are still used by applications that are installed on your Android. SD Maid is a powerful application that will help you with keeping your equipment cleab and will be taken care of directly on Android without connecting it to a computer. Besides, it is very easy to use . Select the tab, press the Check and select individual items or press delete everything. Nothing hard.

It has many different features. Here are them;
* Explorer is the expanded file manager, useful for data management.
* Search engines can use when you want to find a specific file.
* Search the body scans your device for unused files and compares them with a list of installed applications.
* Application Management lets you freeze, reset and remove applications (even system).
* Treatment system scans the device and filter folders containing unnecessary files. You can even create your own filters!
* You can optimize and reduce the size of databases to speed up access and free up memory.
* View largest files and see what eats so much space.
* View files modified in the last X minutes.

SD Maid is constantly improved and created with great attention.

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