Safari 5.1.7 Apple's own new browser - Download Latest Version

Safari 5.1.7 Apple’s own new browser

Safari 5.1.7

Safari 5.1.7 Apple’s own new browser

The free Apple browser Safari 5.1.7 for Windows available for download.

Apple’s own browser ” Safari ” . The freeware has a strong bookmark manager, a tab feature, and an integrated search function. In addition, the tool has a pop-up blocker, an RSS feed and an auto-completion.

Version 5.1.7 of the browser comes with the Safari Reader, which appears next to Apple store’s icon in the browser’s URL field, if Safari discovered an article on a website. Once you press the gray Reader button, the text including links, photos and videos will be shown much clearer – as an e-book. The rest of the page is darkened. However, this does not yet work for all websites. Safari also has a “Reading List” on board. With it you can save links to read them later.

Safari 5.1.7 will essentially bring improvements in terms of stability and speed – as well as PDF support within web content. All other changes and new features can be found in the official release notes.

Other new features :

Top sites: Overview of all frequently visited websites
Full History Search : Quickly search the last visited pages
Cover Flow : Scroll over and bookmarks
Smart fields : Automatic URL correction and completion
Advanced support of HTML5
DNS prefetching for faster browsing
New pages will be opened in a tab
Private browsing mode as visible in the address field
Extension Builder simplifies the development of extensions
Blocking pop-ups reliable
Conclusion: Safari is one of the fastest browser on the market and certainly worth a test. Whether or not it can prevail against the established competition, remains to be seen .

What is new at Safari 5.1.7 ?

  1. Improving the browser’s responsiveness if the system is low at memory .
  2. fixing any problem that could effect websites using forms to authenticate users .

Its easy and free

To download  the latest version of Safari 5.1.7


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