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Quick PDF Tools free download

Quick PDF tools


Quick PDF Tools free download

Quick PDF Tools is a simple to use application that comes equipped with many tools for processing PDF, including file conversion and integration . It can be handled even by individuals of any level of experience..

Quick PDF Tools (TM) (also known as QuickPDF tools or tools quick PDF) is a mighty box of free PDF tools designed specifically to work from with Windows Explorer.

it’s ¬†integrated in the explorer context menu. Therefore, you can open the menu, right-click the PDF file selected and converted into an image (JPG) or text (TXT)

It provides a free PDF tool which allows you to interact directly with PDF files using the right-click context menu simply.

But you can also run the image files and documents in PDF, PDF files preview in the built-in viewer (such as zooming, and printing), as well as the properties of the document display (description and security, fonts, and display the initial, and custom).

QQuick PDF Tools does not have its own interface. Once installed, the only difference you’ll notice is a new submenu in the context menu of files, PDF, and called on the Tools Options PDF. Under this sub-menu you’ll find all the tools included in the program.

Quick PDF Tools features, among other things, and PDF viewer simple topreview contents of the document, and tools to convert PDF to image or text, extract text and images within the document, in the opinion of the files mergeseveral one view and edit document properties.

The only drawback that we found in the Tools PDF options is that you can customize the menu. It would be great to be able to remove the options that do not use a lot, and it has those used most often under the special section.

In short, the tools PDF options is a nice Windows Explorer-ins that will come in handy, especially for those of you who are working often with documents PDF.

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