Picasa Manage, edit and share your photos - Download Latest Version

Picasa Manage, edit and share your photos


Picasa Manage, edit and share your photos

If you need a tool to manage digital images , there are many alternatives that you can choose from. Picasa has always been one of the favorite among users of photo editing software, and this new version made it the best choice we’ve ever made.

Manage your photos :

Google Picasa keeps entirely new structure on the same interfaces and previous versions , but it includes a rich new options to manage, edit and display your images in a way more comfortable on the Internet or without – thanks to the synchronization tool Picasa album online.

Picasa displays all your images indexed in the structure of the process. You can let the program scans the entire drive to search for images or choose specific evidence. Double-click any image will be displayed in full screen and allow you access to some basic editing tools, including: cropping, Calendar, and adjust color and light or fix red-eye.

New features :

Includes the latest version of Picasa some exciting new features : recognize faces and geolocation .
The first feature means that Picasa can now scan your photo library and recognize people’s faces and extraction in the end allows you to add a name . The process takes some time until you start – there are a lot of faces that need to be distinguished names to be written – but if I went to the tag is located under the so-called people album , you’ll be able to add new names and faces in groups and completion of the work more quickly. For geolocation function , it has become easier to use now , thanks to the integration of Google Maps in Picasa : simply choose the images you want to determine the geographical location and its open Google Maps by clicking on the button ” places ” , he moved to the correct location and click OK.

We love Picasa photo browser in particular where you can trust it to replace the browser and Windows virtual images . It offers more tools and displays the images on the interface is much nicer when viewed directly in Windows Explorer , so when Picasa asks whether you want to use it , please feel free to agree !

However, Picasa is not designed only for review and reform of the pictures , but you can also unleash your imagination using the tools to create posters , screen savers and even movies. The Best of these tools is not the fact that they give you the ability to create something unique and original only in relation to your photos ; it’s is also characterized by amazing undemanding in use, and do not need any technical abilities or photo editing skills at all.

New features :

Share with Google + circles

Upload Picasa tags on Google +

New photo editing effects

Along photo editing

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