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Orbit Downloader to increase the downloading speed

Orbit Downloader


Orbit Downloader to increase the downloading speed

Orbit Downloader is a great speed, super light,easy-to-use free download manager. It is based on p2p and multi-source downloading technology and supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols. Using Orbit Downloader, you can almost download everything online with 500% faster speed, like youtube video, rapidshare files, flash and streaming media etc.
Anyway, Orbit Downloader is an indispendsable tool for download acceleration and management.

New Features

Orbit downloader 4.0 Introduce Software Updater
Tag make you manage your download files easily
The top downloader manager of Windows 7
Grab Pro – Download RTMP protocol video
Download e-mail and forum attachments with great speed!
Maximum possible download speed, up to the fastest download manager!
Download social music and video include Youtube, Pandora, Myspace easily
Support all streaming media protocol include RTMP/ MMS/ RTSP
Support all popular browsers include Firefox 3

This program throws more junk programs at you during the install than you could ever count.

Even if you opt out of all of them, one or two will still randomly start installing themselves in the middle of the download. When it’s done downloading all of those, Orbit Downloader will help you download other files.

Downloads are a little faster than just using your browser, which is nice on slower connections. However, its bulk download support isn’t better than what comes standard in Firefox and some other browsers. One nice add-on is the “Get It” button for easily downloading media files. That doesn’t work in all browsers, though. It’s nice that the program checks for program updates, but it was wrong more often than not. It often reported no need for updates when updates for the programs in question could be easily found online.

So , what are you waiting for?

Now get your free version and enjoy this great software !

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