Opera Mini browses more quickly than ever - Download Latest Version

Opera Mini browses more quickly than ever

Opera Mini


 Opera Mini browses more quickly than ever

Opera Mini helps you to comfortably browsing and high speed through your mobile phone .

The main characteristics of the application Opera Mini

Faster browsing in Opera Mini:

This latest version allows you to browse the web quickly , and provide sites encrypted with many graphics . It saves time , effort, and thanks to the address bar , and keyboard shortcuts and screen touch control .


You can have access to your data wherever you are, whenever you need it . Therefore, you only need to backup bookmarks, speed dials and search engines to My Opera . Then synchronized between different phones or with your Opera browser on computers or laptops .


You can use the most sophisticated director downloads available for mobile phones. To use it, just select the files you want to upload. If necessary, you can pause and resume downloads .

System Requirements:

Minimal configuration :
Windows 2000 on a Pentium II
128 MB of RAM
30 MB of free space on the disk


P.S :

Supports the Google search bar only .


Save time :

With Opera Mini, is loaded pages and tabs more quickly , even during the slow Internet connections .

Works on many phones:

It has been designed so that it works on all types of mobile phones worldwide .

Save money:

Do you take a prepaid data plan ? Or relate to or in the area of ​​a slow network connection ? Opera Mini uses a smaller amount of data by up to 90 % compared with other web browsers , which gives you a connection to the Internet at higher speeds and lower cost .

Download Management

Downloads start , stop, or resume between browsing sessions with a download manager tool in Opera Mini .

The latest updates:

Smart offers a feature page in the browser Opera Mini, which relay the news all over the world , along with the latest updates sent from your friends
Faster access to your favorites
View web pages that were abound at the moment through the ” Speed ​​Dial”. Publishing The sites that you want to

Available in more than 100 languages ​​.
It includes many options

free download click here


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