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ooVoo a chatting program which has a strong performance




ooVoo is a chatting program which has a strong performance.

Simple and easy to use:

Differs from other applications, chat , and the program is very easy to get it directly with your webcam , it can deal with the cameras very high quality of up to 2-megapixel camera , and this stop on the speed of your Internet connection through chat and video calls.

You can add video effects such as Sepia , and transformation. This is what distinguishes it from other applications, VoIP , such as social Skype .

Features :

You can talk face-to-face with up to six people, in addition to that the program to link to your blog or to personal accounts on the Internet (you can add the new people to the list of contact with them)

OoVoo properties :

You can send and receive video messages , and exciting about this application, that the program is completely free . You just need to create an account on ooVoo program and with it, and after the completion of the registration process , and everything will be convenient for you

And the really nice thing about the program ooVoo, is the ability to add people in the contact list , and broadcast their own video , in the lower side of the screen in the sidebar at the same time . In this way , you can chat with them and see them all at the same time .

ooVoo install:

At the beginning of the installation process , you are asked to type your user name and password for the company ooVoo  application .

As well as you will be asked to add some friends and contact lists to calculate your company ooVoo , but if you do not know anyone who uses the application , you can send invitations , and they may accept it.

ooVoo, the application that is unparalleled for video chats and text chat , and it would be nice to see how it works when a group of people to open a video chat together .

offers you :

  • Video chat with a number of people up to 6 people at the same time .
  • Confronted wonderful and you can notice it.
  • Allows you to develop contact lists video in the sidebar
  • The quality of high-definition video

Free download click here

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