Newtek Lightwave 11.5 the newest and latest version - Download Latest Version

Newtek Lightwave 11.5 the newest and latest version

Newtek Lightwave



Newtek Lightwave 11.5 the newest and latest version

Newtek Lightwave 3D – 3D-software for modeling, animation and special effects, widely used in video production and television.
The program contains a powerful system of polygonal modeling, which also creates based on the surface of the landfill unit.
Newtek Lightwave  10 provides a number of revolutionary new tools for 3D-artists. Perfect opportunity for this program in animation will guide all of your plans to create a professional broadcaster graphics,
special effects and photo-realistic animation.

The program brings together more than a thousand animation tools that facilitate everyday work and cokraschayuschih artist. The program provides an easy-to-use and high productivity.
Easy and intuitive working environment Newtek Lightwave 3D allows you to create a direct connection between the fiction and the real embodiment.
Newtek Lightwave 3D is famous for its separation of interface in which the simulation facility is in one program, and setting light,
animation and other things – in the other.

Plus is neperegruzhennosti interface: the user object in the simulation does not offer anything other than modeling tools, but no one now is not desired set the scene for the animation, camera settings, light sources, etc.

excluded. Similarly,
in the process of setting up lighting scenes in a split interface, you can not accidentally get into the editing of the weight maps or points of an object. This system works very efficiently, for example, dvumonitornoy system in which the Modeler is available in a single display, and Layout – in another.

The result is actually twice the work space in which item changed in the Modeler,
and is automatically updated in the Layout.
Newtek Lightwave 11.5 includes new features and functionality that enhance creativity and streamline productivity for everyone—from individual artists and designers to large animation or visual effects studios.

Some of the many new features in Newtek Lightwave 11.5 include the Genoma character rigging system with modular presets, predator and prey Flocking capabilities, per-object Instancing control, and soft-body Bullet Dynamics with support for FiberFX. Also included are Interchange Tools supporting Adobe After Effects cameras and Pixologic’s Zbrush, stereoscopic and depth-of-field motion blur in the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR), major workflow enhancements, and more.

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