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Mpegable Player the most sophisticated

Mpegable Player


Mpegable Player the most sophisticated

Mpegable Player plays your MP4 files with high quality with the operator with the capabilities of analyzing the results of the work. Mpegable player is a Windows application to run MPEG-4 movie files or network distributed streams .

Real-time decoding of up to 720X576 ( coding quickly for Pentium / Athlon above 1 GHz ) . Occupies MP4 files and streaming video MPEG-4 ( compatible ISMA) MPEG-4 full conformity (ISO / IEC 14496) for simple and advanced simple profile highly sophisticated post-processing improves picture quality.


Is a program developed by Dicas digital images Coding . Compared with the total number of users , and most of the computers are running the Windows operating system 7 (SP1), as well as Windows 7 . While about 47 % of users Mpegable Player come from Saudi Arabia , it is also popular in the United States and the United Arab Emirates .

This player is the lightest and fastest devices on the Mac Pkana own music player of this generation supports many audio and video formats and still light and fast for all applications . Allows you to watch DVD videos in a small movie screen that did not leave the top side of the screen until you close the program is to amplify the nature of this program

. This is accomplished in real-time decoding of up to 720 * 576 encoding speeds for the Pentium . Full profile simple and advanced post-processing highly sophisticated improves image quality.
mpegable Player Additional features :

  1.  mpegable Player running the files MPEG.
  2. mpegable Player also operates multiple formats of files.
  3. contains mpegable Player feature for video recording.
  4. the operator has a feature to display full-screen.
  5. is a graphical user interface completely ( Panel GUI ).
  6. Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista , and Windows 7 .
  7. Easy to use and easy to install .
  8.  less space on your hard disk and less memory allocation in CPU
  9. Supports multiple languages.

- Available with all versions of windows
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