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iTunes media player application by Apple



iTunes Apple official media player

ITunes is the audio and video player that lets you manage iOS devices your own as well as download content from the iTunes store .

It’s one of the more managers and operators of the popular media . And with good reason . Seamless integration with any iPhone , iPod and any iPad , and one-click purchase in the iTunes store and an excellent library make this Application ¬†one of the most interesting¬†Application.

It’s Has been completely redesigned from the ground up . The program was developed iTunes stagnant during the past few years , so Apple needs to get this one right . Apple has nailed or It’s are new mess ? Read on to find out.

Features :

The app’s interface has been completely re-imagined . Everything is the simplest and best use of space .
In the previous version  , there was a persistent bar on the left where you can access playlists , albums, devices , and more.

With this version , the library has been improved in a way to add extra display artwork for the album when there is space , instead of the traditional album title next to each song . This library decorated suffered a lot, and generally stand out clean new look of the interface. It is not over decorated , but looks neater

. There is no change on playlists and iTunes DJ ,it’s never been that easy to manage your library, manage your library has become easier than ever . you can create playlists is one of the strengths of iTunes , which is still much simpler and easier to use.

The biggest change in this version is in the iTunes store . Ping associated calculates your iTunes , allows you to create a personal profile and post and review your purchases with friends and artists who you admire them. It seems very much like the basic news page to Facebook or Twitter .

The basic function of the library of iTunes is unmatched , and excellent synchronization with the iPod , iPhone and iPad . And the new features for social iTunes is pretty interesting .

Features :

  • Library view is improved
  • Great tools for creating playlists
  • Complete synchronization with the iPhone and any iPod

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