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Google Talk the latest and newest version

Google Talk


Google Talk the latest and newest version

Google Talk is the IM/chat app from email heavyweights Gmail. Known variously as Gtalk, Google Talk, Gchat and Gmail Messenger, this compact, functional app is all you need when it comes to staying in contact with your Gmail friends.


Available everywhere


Not only does Google Talk support Google accounts, it also supports a variety of other protocols and apps. In other words, you can log in with accounts from Jabber, Pidgin, Miranda, Psi and Trillian.

As well as supporting lots of protocols, Google Talk is also available for lots of devices, so even if you are chatting on your desktop, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your friends on Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Even though not explicitly supported, you’ll also be able to use Google Talk on Mac and Linux, as long as you use the browser version.



Simple but effective


Google Talk is an attractive app and very easy to use, although its bright, almost childlike appearance is looking a bit old-fashioned these days. There are various themes available from the Settings options, although they have more impact on the window layout and are not strictly “skins”. You’ll also be able to choose your status, picking from Available, Busy, and Idle, as well as custom messages and the option to show your current music track. Google Talk also notifies you when you receive new emails.

Adding and chatting with contacts with Google Talk couldn’t be easier. Double click a name to start a conversation, and a new chat window will appear. If you see a little telephone or video camera icon beside the contact’s name, they are also available for phone or video chats, but you’ll need the Video and voice plug-in to do this.


Works, but it’s neglected


Google Talk has many of the features that you’d expect from an IM client. You can add, block, rename and remove contacts, send smileys, and customize the way you see your friends online. If you look under the more technical settings, you’ll also be able modify notifications and connect to the service using a proxy. It’s not overrun with options, but most people seem to appreciate the resulting simplicity and light resource use.

Even though Google Talk is the go-to IM app for thousands of people, long term users can’t help feeling that Google Talk is pretty low on Google’s list of priorities. It works perfectly and is a great app, but that’s because it was well made and ahead of its time when it first came out.




Google Talk hasn’t been updated in what seems like years and, with the exception of the VoiP features added in recent times, the program feels a little bit forgotten. This has no impact on usability for Gmail users, but it does feel like Google Talk could do with a little more loving care.

If you’re a Google User who wants to IM, you’d be mad to use anything but Google Talk.

Google Talk supports the following formats

Pidgin, Miranda, Psi, Trillian

Review last updated: 05/12/13


  • Chat, call and video calls
  • Compact and functional
  • Cute smileys
  • Mullti-protocol

  • Getting old-fashioned
  • Track playing status limited to 4 apps


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