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Google SketchUp creativity with 3D graphics

Google SketchUp


Google SketchUp creativity with 3D graphics

Google launched Google SketchUp of three-dimensional program such as DSL Max 3 and 4 de Cinema offer an alternative free and easy to use and you can even publish your creations on Google ‘s legacy to the world .

The latest version has been integrated with Google maps so that the latter has become a geo-tagging of your creations is easier than ever.
There is a technically lack in Google SketchUp and conditions unusual for a beginner like tool ‘ fling ‘ name was changed to the name of ” push / pull ‘ more obvious , for example. There are plenty of useful tips and guidance in all parts also to assist in the control of the ‘ take a snapshot ” when you draw rectangles, circles and other shapes.

Google SketchUp intelligently predicts where you want to end the endpoints that converge from you or to you , so it saves a lot of time .

Google SketchUp is not lacking functionally and in spite of its ease of use contains all the categories of drawing tools and filling that you would expect , are present in an orderly fashion in the toolbar at the top of the screen .

It graduated Hints addressed to the right of the screen when you are in need. Can access other options through the menu system , or you can choose to put the plates on the extra space to avoid going through the menus.

It is worth mentioning is the color palette ‘ material ‘ , which contains more than 100 different Preset , such as plants, metals and glass.

Panel settings shade also one of the most interesting application, this application allows you to create shadows by follwing few simple steps .

However , the real fun part is when you export the graphics Google SketchUp in your Google Earth . You can send images of three-dimensional design through the e-mail address or downloaded for free storage in Google SketchUp Web . But , you can also put geotag them in a single step by using Google Maps, and which had now been included in Google . And get a shot when you add the site to your form , which now includes three-dimensional terrain data in addition to color aerial photographs .

features :

  • Three-dimensional drawing never been that easy
  • There are a lot of tips and instructions
  • Easy to use
  • Download your own creations in Google Earth
  • Integration with Google Maps

Free download click here

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