Google Earth the wonderful application - Download Latest Version

Google Earth the wonderful application

Google Earth


Google Earth the wonderful application

lets you explore our world from far and near .

The application allows you to zoom in on any part of the world ,

and allows you to control from a distance of a few meters .

explore your world with Google Earth:

Not only displays satellite images, but it also displays the terrain and the three-dimensional reconstruction of the buildings.

In addition to that you can search for trends and business .

Just like in Google Maps and GPS or drawing directly on the maps.

Google Earth contains a vast library of classes that are increasing from time to time, and you can add to the map.

You’ll find all kinds of information, from Landscape to public parks .

And places where you can find them on the endangered species or tourist spots . Google Earth will also offer more information about Related News such as forest fires or natural disasters .

But Google Earth is not limited to only the terrain, with each new release, it adds new sources of satellite images information from other regions in the world. If you’re a fan of the stars; then , you ¬†must transfer it to the status of the sky and sail between the planets. Or if you are a fan of Exploration of the Sea, run the option and explore the surface of the water in the depths of the seas and oceans. Want more excitement??

Choose option the moon or Mars, and sail in space and you are in your home, and in addition to that. The Google Earth also lets you travel in time through the provision of jobs a new historical images let you see the evolution of certain sites during the past few years.


Moving in Google Earth is incredible due to the multiple navigation tools.

Some areas will show less information than others, also knows that Google Earth uses a large amount of bandwidth, but despite this astonishing program.


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