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Free Video to GIF Converter the latest version

Free Video to GIF Converter


Free Video to GIF Converter the latest version :

Is a freeware utility which can convert video to gif animation simply
and fast. It can convert almost all popular video formats to gif, including AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV,
FLV, MP4, 3GP, VOB, etc.

If the video is long, it is possible to trim it and convert only a segment of video to gif.

You can also set the output gif’s width and height, change the GIF animation speed. The highlight is that you
can remove unwanted frames from the GIF, as what a professional GIF editor can do.

Although animated gif has only 256 colors, Free Video to GIF Converter can make gif from video
with the best image quality.

Free Video to GIF Converter is a great tool for people who want to make animated GIF as avatar,
screensaver for cell phone, cool element on website, or to be added to your signature in

Free Video to GIF Converter has user-friendly interface. You can easily understand how to convert video to gif animation and use its editing functions. It includes two steps: Step1, Extract video to pictures/frames; Step2, Merge pictures/frames into animated GIF.

convert Video to GIF animation :

The easiest way, just add your video, click “Next” button and then click “Make GIF” button – then you get the GIF. This often works well. For more details, read following.


step 1: Extract Video to frames

Clickbrowse video to add your video into Free Video to GIF Converter and it will show you the duration and size of your video. In most cases, you just need to set the start and end time, width and height for output gif file in this step.

In Step1, you can do:

1. Trim video to convert a segment of video to animated gif. Just set the start and end time. Note: The end time is 00:00:30 by default. The maximum value of end time is equal to the duration of source video.

2. Customize the width and height of output gif file.

3. Select extracting frame rate. You can change extracting frame rate from 1 to 20. If this value is bigger, the extracted frames will be more, but look more continuous. I suggest keeping the default value for begginers.

Step 2: Create GIF Animation from frames

Click to complete step1. The program will extract video to pictures and activate the Step2 tab window.

In Step2, you can do:

1. Remove the unwanted frames from the extracted pictures. Select a frame in the list box, and it will show in the preview window. Click Remove button to remove the unwanted frames.

2. You can change the play speed of the animation. This function allows you to make gif animation faster/slower than the source video. You can select Custom, then choose a new fps (frame rate). If this fps is bigger than extracting fps in Step 1, the animation looks faster; if equal, then the same; Otherwise slower.

3. You can select the output picture quality to get better color matching or smaller file size.

After all settings, click to merge the pictures into gif animation.


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