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Evernote is one of the most useful android applications which helps you to keep daily notes.  It is developed by the Evernote Corporation, a private company headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Simply, EverNote can keep your notes or information of any kind and makes them easily accessible.  Besides, it lets you share notes and photos, and to organize and search for data using multiple platforms. You can create notes, save web pages, and photos from your phone and create task lists and record voice messages.

Over 100 million people use EverNote when working on their tasks. Here some highlights how EverNote helps you;

    • Focus: write in a transparent environment;
    • Make things planned: Create a list of tasks;
    • Include files: keep Office docs, PDFs and images;
    • Get organized: keep order by using markers and notebooks;
    • Find anything: search the text notes and photos.
    • Work Chat: discuss the notes without leaving the application;
    • Collaborate: Share notebooks related to team projects;
    • Prepare the meeting: Create agenda and collect materials.
    • Interact: change the business card contacts;
    • Track expenses: organize receipts, bills and invoices;
    • Plan trips: save the tickets and reservations.

There are two subscription levels of Evernote which are Evernote Premium and EverNote Plus. You can download evernote and use it for free.  Evernote Premium unlocks even more productivity:

  • Offline access: work anywhere, even without a connection;
  •  Unlimited transfer: store all the necessities files;
  • Improved search: search the Office documents and other attachments;
  •  Increased privacy: secure account access code for mobile devices;
  •  Annotate PDF files: use shapes and comments to express your opinion;
  • Unlimited scanning business cards: scan business cards, save it in the contacts, and download the data from LinkedIn.

Evernote is a modern workspace in sync with all your devices. Work anywhere and maintain high productivity.  Evernote service and available for Windows, Mac, Web, and mobile devices.

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