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Eassos Recovery the latest version

Eassos Recovery

Eassos Recovery the latest version


Eassos Recovery is a piece of easy -to-use data recovery software , which has advanced technology and powerful functions .

You can recover lost partitions and files quickly using Eassos Recovery.

Since the recovery program section better , can be restored Eassos not only the recovery of lost files or partition dividing damaged , but also can recover the partition table , and the re- division of the site .

Eassos recovery depends on the interface processor and, therefore, even though you are not master computer , you can become a data recovery expert in just minutes of use .

Eassos recovery supports a variety of media such as data recovery recover deleted files , restore partition, whole disk recovery and so on .

Eassos Recovery is able to adapt to all types of data loss situations flexibly .

1. Recover department lost: recover partition which is lost or disappeared because of the process of stealth incorrect .

2. Damaged Partition Recovery : To restore the damaged files from the Department of .

3. File Recovery : can recover deleted files , provided that is not overwritten . files from disk

4.Recover: scan the whole disk to recover lost data as much as possible .

compared with other programs for data recovery , restore Eassos still has the advantages as follows :

1.Eassos restore functions strong owns partition Recovery can recover lost or damaged files from the Department as well as the partition table , and the re- division of the site .

2. Having strong function to restore files by file type , Eassos recovery supports more file types 200.

3.Eassos restoration has the function preview the file that you can provide the best judgment whether as a result of the recovery is right or wrong .interface

4.Eassos recovery wizard makes the process guaranteed a very simple and convenient .

5. Eassos recovery supports different types of virtual disk data recovery , including software VMware, and VitualBox virtual PC 0.

6 . Eassos recovery supports GUID partition table and is fully compatible with Windows 7 .


- Unlimited data recovery
- Partition Recovery
- And even more…
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