DivX Plus Opens all video files of all kind - Download Latest Version

DivX Plus Opens all video files of all kind

DivX Plus


DivX Plus Opens all video files of all kind

This program Opens all video files of all kinds, even movies, CDs, and video compact powerful program for those who suffer from the problem of downloading movies from the internet and finds out its not working this program sponsor that is the strongest in the field of streaming multimedia in all its forms,
and this after the features of the program is that compresses a video of five to ten Hundreds of times more often on the raw digital video also improves the appearance of the light and the other is compatible with all versions of Windows.

DivX Plus video offers freedom like no other video format. In addition to watching high-quality DivX video on any PC or Mac, you can play your movies on millions of DivX Plus devices such as the PlayStation® 3, DVD players, mobile phones and more.

Your DivX Pro purchase unlocks everything you need to convert most digital video files into DivX Plus videos so they’re no longer trapped on your computer.


  • Free conversion to DivX Plus  and MKV using Converter and third-party tools .
  • Two new MP4 profiles let you convert video for iPhone® and iPad® .
  • Video Streaming to DLNA-compatible devices .


What’s New:

  • Player, Web Player support HEVC real time video decoding up to 1080p .
  • Converter has new DivX HEVC 1080p and 720p presets .
  • Player and Web Player have new matching DivX 10 skins .
  • Web Player custom skins can be controlled via a URL .
  • Converter and Web Player can support multiple subtitle and audio tracks with HEVC video .
  • Three new languages: Russian, Korean, Italian .
  • MKV streaming to XBOX via ffmpeg .
  • DivX Plus VOD portal to register and manage DivX Certified devices online .
  • Converter supports DivX Plus (H.264) video up to 4K .
  • Converter has better error reporting for formats not supported with DirectShow .
  • Converter accepts muxing of external audio streams for multi-audio AVI/MKV creation .
  • Converter allows user to change temp folder settings .
  • Converter can shut down, hibernate, or sleep your computer after encoding .
  • Player has a new DRM architecture core for better premium content support .
  • Web Player buffering indicator is improved for better indication when the video is ready for playback .

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