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What are the best investment apps out there? (part 2)


In our previous article we discussed a few investment apps which might be helpful for those who are considering investing in the stock market, this time we’ll introduce a set of apps for experienced investors, or at least those who are in need for investment apps with advanced features such as live quotes from various financial instruments and coverage of emerging markets.



investing.com logo

It’s considered to be a top developer on Google Play store, INVESTING.com’s app is perhaps the most advanced investment app out there, it offers its user a set of unique advanced features, our favorite features are:

Economic Calendar: a real-time calendar that shows you what’s going on in the world out there as it happens. You’re worried a that a rumor or a piece of news might affect your stocks? be the first to find out!

Live Charts: it allows you to instantly track price movements.



iBillionaire's logo

Want to get inside the mind of the greatest investors of all time? look no further! iBillionaire’s app let’s you know which stocks or funds the world’s richest are buying or selling, all in real time!

Our 2 favorite features of this app are:

Featured Stocks: a bunch of billionaires suddenly started investing in a set of stocks? you might want to do some research there. Through this feature you’ll be able to find out what’s going on and get all the info you need before throwing your savings into it.

Search: want to know what the world’s richest think about a certain topic, stock or fund? use iBillionaire’s search to know more. This feature proved to be most helpful for those hoping to gain more insight and adopt an educated opinion on certain issues.



myCAMS' logo

myCAMS’s app  is perhaps the colsest app we came across to hiring an assistant. Here’s the official description:

myCAMS brings you a host of features that will help you not only to stay updated on your MF investments across all funds serviced by CAMS but also transact with ease and do more.

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Financial transactions – new purchase, additional purchase, redemption, switch
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Cost value to Market value,
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