Adobe PhotoshopCC a powerful image editing software - Download Latest Version

Adobe PhotoshopCC a powerful image editing software

Adobe PhotoshopCC

 Adobe PhotoshopCC a powerful image editing software

Adobe PhotoshopCC is a new developed version of a standard image editorof the industry, with some new wonderful interesting features.

Perhaps the most important feature is the Content Aware , and that makes the editing process in Photoshop more ” intelligent ” , as there is a new design in an attractive and simplified .

In addition to that it has been added and other essential functions like video editing for the first time . and you’ll also notice when you open Adobe PhotoshopCC that when you see the WebMail user interface is colorful , catchy and modern .

But if you do not like the new interface , you can go back to the old gray interface through a list of options – the interface. Aside from that, there are some new useful features .

Content Aware will move the selected objects intelligently and adjusts harmony with the background or the surrounding objects . This allows you to simply drag and drop the object intended to photoshop easier without having to modify the background

Video editing

Adobe PhotoshopCC with video editing on Photoshop for the first time . This integrates with all the tools of Photoshop traditional and puts the finishing touches on the scene, and adjusting colors and filter sets etc. It also allows you to add audio tracks , however it is not advanced otherwise.

Adobe PhotoshopCC offers important new features for powerful image editing software.  It is important  specifically Content Aware wich is the feature that makes the final touches and image processing incredibly easy.

This update to Photoshop CC ( 14.2.1 ) and addresses a number of issues discovered after Adobe Photoshop CC issued ( 14.2 ) and software. Features include previously released: perspective warp to adjust the point of view part of the image , while maintaining the rest of the sound ; intelligent beings related to improve team collaboration and repurposing assets , and support for 3D printing to create designs beautiful 3D , and get a print previews accurate , and reliable printed automatically with reform generation network and support structures . Other improvements include the Mercury Graphics engine performance boost , and support a wider range of devices and Pen Windows , JDI time savers workflow , and more than 250 bug fixes. For a complete list of features, bug fixes , and known issues

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Pros :

Effective and flexible
Easy to use interface
Keyboard Shortcuts
The effects are very realistic
Possible amendment significantly

Cons :
Requires rapid learning
Requires a powerful PC






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